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About Julia Rueger

Growing up in Arizona, Julia grew to love the beauty in Mexican Folk Art. Although this didn’t manifest itself until later in was always there waiting to be expressed. Her adopting Biskit, a yellow Labrador changed all that. A self taught artist, Julia is now painting animals in the color of their souls. ‘Biskit Ink’ was born out of that love. What could be better?

Julia’s earlier career was based in collectibles, specifically handmade artist dolls. For over 25 years she made limited edition porcelain and resin dolls at her small factory in California. While that seems a simple thing to do....many people don’t realize all the components that make a doll.

Designing, sculpting, mold making, casting, kiln firing, painting, pattern making, sewing, needle work, wig making, hat making, shoe making and assembling into a beautiful object.

In the past, Julia’s work has been in books, newspapers, magazine covers and even a brief stint on the Home Shopping Network. She sold her porcelain dolls and mohair Teddy bears for several years on TV. She also ghost sculpted for some collectible companies. Julia worked as a product development manager for Cast Art, the makers of 'Dreamsicles’ for a year.

Her work has been seen in galleries and museums the world over. Please enjoy them in your own home, where they are intended to bring a smile and splash of color.

Please follow Julia on Facebook, Pinterest, or write to her at: 7217 Pine Bluff Drive West, Pueblo, CO. 81004. Phone 909-996-3382

Happy tails to you, from Biskit and Julia

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